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Rochelle Thwaites

Jamaica Box

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Rochelle Thwaites was born and raised in the rich and culture-filled city of Kingston, Jamaica. After earning her degree in Interior Design in Florida, she moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where she lived with her husband and her 2 kids for 20 years. During her time in Los Angeles, Rochelle worked as an Interior Designer for years before setting her heart on another passion, handbag and jewelry design. She started her own company, Mimeki, which not only garnered a variety of media attention,  but her products could also be found in stores in Europe and the US. After Rochelle’s dream of designing jewelry and handbags had been fulfilled, she ventured into other projects.

More notably, Nomino, a social gaming app  which was launched in 2014. As a co-founder of Nomino, Rochelle enjoyed the challenges of the tech world during which time she had the opportunity to partner with some incredible people and companies. In 2020, Rochelle and her husband decided to move the family back to Jamaica as numerous opportunities were presented. In addition to running her family business with her brothers,  she is currently working on several projects that is once again connecting her creativity, ingenuity, and innovation as she returns to her roots in interior design. Among her many passions, she is a loving parent and wife that is always there for her family. She enjoys spending time with family, and traveling. To Rochelle, family is at the core of all her projects, motivating her to reach heights she never knew possible. 

Aimee Kestenberg

Australia Box


Aimee Kestenberg is an award-winning momma of two and philanthropist who is dedicated to arming women around the world with high quality, practical fashion designs that make them feel great, look great and thrive in mind, body and spirit.

She is an industry leader and disruptor in the world of fashion. Aimee launched her namesake brand Aimee Kestenberg in 2013, redefining the meaning of ‘affordable luxury’ with her casual Australian inspired collection of handbags and accessories. Aimee is the creative force behind her fast growing namesake brand Aimee Kestenberg. In just three years Aimee has successfully expanded the brand to include footwear, luggage, jewelry, baby bags and infant apparel.

Aimee is a dedicated and driven mompreneur who has been recognized throughout her career and honored in 2014 on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. It doesn’t stop there. She became a two-time winner and now sponsor of the InStyle Independent Handbag Designer Awards, and most recently presented the 2019 NPD Growth Driver Award by the esteemed Accessories Council at the Design Excellence Awards in New York City. 

She is inspired by what matters most both as an entrepreneur and as a parent. Aimee is building a company with integrity and creating a positive impact with her mission to bring problem solving practicality merged with fashion to areas of women’s lives that she needs it most. She’s a proud momma who is empowered by her passion as she shows her two little ones that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Magdalena Mejia

Guatemala Box


Magdalena (Maggie) Mejia is a first generation immigrant from Momostenago, Guatemala. She arrived in California at the young age of twenty-two. While in Guatemala, Maggie’s life was very difficult. She did not have any toys, and would walk barefoot to school on a dirt path. She only had one pair of shoes that she was allowed to wear on special occasions. Unfortunately, Maggie was not allowed to be educated past the fourth grade due to her family’s financial situation. Maggie had to work and provide for her family starting at the age of 10.

In California, Maggie met her husband and had two beautiful children. When her children were of school age, Maggie also started to learn more about the English language. She enjoyed teaching her children different art projects, and how to play her own childhood games.

Currently, Maggie works as a nanny, taking care of children and their homes. She prepares healthy meals, including Guatemala Rice. Maggie has also taught the children how to speak Spanish!

Maggie loves to cook and her favorite food is Guatemalan tamales with bread on the side. She enjoys taking walks with her family, and watching cooking shows on YouTube. Her favorite daily activity is to have dinner with her family. Between her husband’s busy schedule, her grown children’s schedule, and her own work schedule, Maggie relies on dinner time to communicate with her family, and catch up. She truly feels blessed to have her family.

With deep feelings about her situation in Guatemala, Maggie sends food, clothing, books, and money to her family in Guatemala. Her family is able to educate their children, and provide daily necessities.

Mary Ozen

Turkey Box

Mary Ozen

Mary was born in Turkey, but grew up in Chatsworth, CA and then moved back to Turkey to finish high school. She graduated from Southeastern University (Istanbul campus) with a degree in business management and stayed on in Turkey to work for an international public relations firm with clients such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. She got married to her college sweetheart and then moved back to Los Angeles where they live with their two children. They visit Turkey every year with the kids to keep the cultural connections strong.

Nikita Gupta

India Box & America: Black History Box

Nikita Gupta
Nikita is a writer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur who is known across the globe for her multicultural lifestyle blog, Growing Up Gupta. With her husband, Sachin, she is also the author Habits of Successful Career Nomads and The Art of Interracial Dating. They also recently released their first bilingual (Hindi and English) children’s book, I Love Masala Me. Nikita and her husband have been featured contributors for Huffington Post, The Times of India, Brown Girl Magazine, South Asian Buzz, among many others.

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