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Craft Box


Imagine and play with our Craft Box! Discover some of our fan-favorite crafts that extend learning with engaging activities. It includes awesome projects and hands-on fun for your little ones to enjoy that showcases their artistic ability while learning about cultural customs. Packed with fun and imaginative prepared crafts for kids!

  • India Mandala Sand Art: An art project that lets your kids make a modern version of a Mandala with colored sand.
  • Guatemala Canasta: A craft project that lets your kids make a version of a passionate Guatemalan woven basket.
  • DIY Diyas: Diyas are small lamps that Indians put out during Diwali to signify purity, goodness, and good luck. Our DIY kits make it easy for your kids to make their own!
  • Coloring Book: Keep your kid engaged for hours while they display their creativity and learn about a new culture.
  • Multicultural Crayons: Bring more diversity to art projects with multicultural skin color crayons.
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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in


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