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Sensory Box


Explore the world and learn in a sensorial way as your child discovers our Sensory Box! Young children learn by moving and exploring through tactile sensory feedback. Get your kids excited about learning with globally cultivated items that showcase what world cultures have to offer. Our box provides a way to learn together and have lots of fun at the same time.

  • Guatemela Woven Pencil Case: Guatemalan weaving originated over 1,500 years ago with the ancient Maya civilization. According to legend, the Maya were taught to weave by the moon goddess and cosmic weaver, Ix Chel.
  • Guatemala Friendship Bracelet: Hand woven, handmade rainbow cotton block friendship bracelet. According to tradition, one ties a bracelet onto the wrist of a friend who may wish for something at that moment.
  • “Evil Eye” Protection Bands: Made of gold evil eye pendant, the red thread crimson is customarily worn to ward off misfortune.
  • Guatemala Worry Dolls: According to the legend, Guatemalan children tell one worry to each doll and when they would go to bed at night they would place the dolls under their pillow. In the morning, the dolls would have taken the worries away.
  • Two Earth Squishy Balls: Encourage kinesthetic and sensory movement.
  • Turkish Fabric Woven Mini Journal & Bookmark: Beautifully embroidered notebook and bookmark with unique designs made of Turkish motifs and fabric.
  • Turkish Top: Commonly found in Istanbul, kids throw these tops like a yo-yo, with the top spinning at the end of the string sideways.
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