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Our mission at In KidZ is to teach children about different cultures and diversity at a young age, so they grow up to be accepting, kind, and inclusive.

Amid the things happening right now in our world, it feels like a big task. Everywhere we look, someone is talking about racism and the rise of hate crimes against so many different groups. We see many brands and individuals condemning these horrible acts & making statements of their support towards the various communities. We felt it was essential to post about how we think about all hate crimes against any groups and show what we are doing to make a difference.

We don’t want to have empty words. We want to do something now.


Today we are officially launching our #stophate campaign that encompasses all kinds of hate. We will continue to educate ourselves and our children in age-appropriate ways with our culture boxes, toys, and products. For April, we will give $2.50 from each sale of our boxes to BULLY BUST, promoting a community of upstanders.

Each week will be adding to our campaign, including collaborating with like-minded companies. They not only say they are against hate but want to do something about it.

Words are only words until there is action behind them.