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In KidZ teaches children about different cultures and diversity at a young age, so they grow up to be accepting, kind, and inclusive.

Amid the preventable tragedies that have overtaken our world lately, stopping hate feels like a big task. Racism and hate crimes against multiple groups are running rampant. 


As we watch many brands and individuals condemning these horrible acts,

making statements about their support of the various targeted communities we

decided to take a different approach. 


We don’t want to have empty words. It’s imperative that we DO something now.

So, we’re bringing organizations around the country together to stand in

solidarity and #stophate. Our goal is to help children learn empathy, gain socio-emotional awareness, and

accept differences to ensure the next generation prioritizes inclusivity and kindness. 

In KidZ and Boy Meets Girl are coming together with a shared mission to #stophate, stop bullying

 and promote being nice to one another.


Together we will be donating to Bully Bust and National School Climate Centers  during

the month of April on every purchase from the #STOPHATE campaign.  

The campaign will encompass resources for parents and children and share

a list of organizations to learn from that support our mission.


Each week will be adding to our campaign, including collaborating with

like-minded companies that don’t just say they are against hate but want to do

something about it.

Words are only words until there is action behind them.

 #stophate #wordsmatter #endhate