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The #StopHate campaign was created to help kids & families become active participants in stopping hate, fighting bullying, and spreading kindness. Amid the preventable tragedies that have overtaken our world lately, stopping hate feels like a big task. Racism and hate crimes against multiple groups are running rampant.

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We don’t want to have empty words. It’s imperative that we DO something now. We created our #StopHate box for children to take action, be a part of the solution, and understand what they can do to #stophate. Take the pledge, wear the shirt, learn how to identify bullying, wear the bond bands, do your part to be part of the community that #stophate.

We’re bringing organizations around the country together to stand in solidarity and #stophate. Our goal, at In KidZ, is to help children learn empathy, gain socio-emotional awareness, and accept differences to ensure the next generation prioritizes inclusivity and kindness, so they grow up to be accepting, kind, and inclusive.

In KidZ and Boy Meets Girl are coming together with a shared mission to #stophate, stop bullying and promote being nice to one another. Part of your purchase goes directly to National School Climate Center’s BullyBust program, an organization that focuses on educating teachers, parents, and the community about bullying. 

Words are only words until there is action behind them. Purchase a box, or two, or many! Take the pledge, strike a #StopHate pose (see our pic below!) and Tag us taking part in the movement!  

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