Family Fun Adventures In Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most exciting islands to visit in the Caribbean, and even more so when you’re travelling with children, as there are just so many places to explore. You can check out zip lining, bobsledding on a mountain coaster, taking a catamaran trip on Negril’s beautiful coast, horseback riding, going on river adventures, and looking at Dunn’s River waterfalls. There is so much to offer in Jamaica including its amazing people, warm sunshine, spectacular landscapes, and colorful culture.

One of Jamaica’s most recognizable natural wonders is an unbelievable cascading waterfall at the famed Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios and the beauty of it is undeniable. Your family will love climbing up the waterfall and rocks of the falls, as well as enjoy a wading pool full of refreshing spring water and the adjacent beach.

Mystic Mountain is Ocho Rios is an extraordinary experience that involves rides that are in a rainforest and mountain. Because all of the fun is on the mountain, the first and last ride is a chairlift that takes you to the peak. Enjoy amazing activities like a bobsled, zipline, waterslide, and pool as well as a museum, hummingbird and butterfly exhibit and garden.

There are two zoos in Jamaica, Hope Zoo in Kingston and Jamaica Zoo in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. Board a boat and glide along as you learn on the Black River Safari, or pin down the right technique of how to hold a crocodile at the Safari Swamp Village. Play with dolphins, sharks, iguanas and birds at Dolphin Cove or get camel savvy at Yaaman Adventure Park.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures offers several types of excursions, including zip lining in the rainforest canopy, ATV safaris, dune buggies, river tubing, river kayaking, and more. Kids as young as six can go zip lining. Be sure to combine your zip-line adventure with river-tubing for the ultimate thrill.

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