In KidZ is an EdTech company on a mission! We believe in creating positive and transformative change through discovery and play.

Founded in March 2020, In KidZ creates kid-focused products and multimedia content about people and traditions around the world. Our games, activities, books and media promote cultural fluency and a love of learning that embraces diversity of all kinds.

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Founded on the core concept of BELONGINGNESS, In KidZ began with urgency as the Founder, Dr. Zabina Bhasin, MD "Dr. Zee" observed her children experiencing the same uncomfortable treatment that she experienced as a child who grew up in a culturally different household. As America is a diverse melting pot, it is essential to our collective future that children of all cultures are understood and APPRECIATED. We are stronger together. Take a moment to step into the future of PLAY with our games, crafts, toys, workbooks and our future play app.


With social media, access to the internet, and a plethora of other technological advances, children today have access to more knowledge about other cultures and global opportunities than ever before. Yet, there is a lack of acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity. That distance comes down to us; as parents, guardians, and mentors, it is our responsibility to help bridge this gap. At In KidZ, we realized that we can’t expect our children to learn about things we as a society, have yet to fully understand; which is why we created the Culture Box. 

As the world continues to thrive and evolve into a more diverse and inclusive place, we at In KidZ challenge the parents and educators of the next generation to join us in promoting and celebrating cultural differences across the GLOBE.

What makes Earth a unique experience is the beauty and joy that is ever present in our different cultures. You would be very surprised to learn how similar we are in the way that we live and encapsulate our various traditions.

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