Meet Dr. Zee

Dr. Zabina Bhasin, MD “Dr. Zee” is a South Asian American child psychiatrist, Cornell-educated Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) expert and mother. She set out to build a business – and a movement – to stop hate and teach kids and families to explore and celebrate our differences.

It all started with something Dr. Zee’s mother said: “We are more similar than we are different. Our differences make us unique, but they don’t separate us.”

Born and raised in California, Dr. Zee was among the first in her South Asian family to be born & raised in the U.S. She was proud of her culture – and bullied as a result of her differences. Now, Dr. Zee is a thought leader, content advisor, and on-camera expert around the real issues children face today – poverty, racism, bullying, trauma – and provide practical tools that families, schools and institutions can use to support the youth as they build the world of tomorrow. She is on a mission to help every child find the safety, belonging and curiosity they need to be their best.

Dr. Zee believes that "raising adults, not kids" means learning to listen, modeling compassion, and elevating youth voices and concerns. Kids face so many challenges today.

Now, to meet the ever-growing demand for dynamic, accessible content that supports parents with the latest in neuroscience and resilience research, Dr. Zee is developing an 8-part television doc-series featuring her conversations with youth across the country called Raising America. Her upcoming book and podcast Raising Adults, Not Kids will build upon these conversations and provide ongoing resources to all who support our youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Certified NMSDC-MBE

  • WBENC-Certified WBE