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Each box is lovingly curated by a parent who hails from the country or culture we’re celebrating. The boxes are respectful, ethically sourced, and culturally appropriate and designed to delight and educate your kids.

Our boxes are designed for children ages 4 to 12 years of age. Your child will get:

  • Interactive education materials
  • Informational flash cards
  • Family-friendly activities and games  
  • Sensory toy
  • Hands-on art projects for kids and families to do together
  • Recipe card
  • Flag
  • And more!

How It Works


Learn Through Play

Making learning fun using our culturally diverse box and toys

About the box

Each box is authentically curated with the help of a parent ambassador


How to order

Select your favorite culture box and product to begin your experience today

What Parents Say

The In KidZ’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality early education services.


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day 🕯️⁠


Even though many years have passed, this horrific act against the Jewish community will never be forgotten. ⁠

Although this may be an uncomfortable conversation for parents, teachers, and schools it is crucial for us to spread awareness of historical accuracy even when it's the wrongs of others. ⁠

We understand this can be an extremely sensitive topic for parents to navigate which is why we have put together a few books that can help focus on the topics of "doing what is right even when others are doing wrong."⁠

All books have age recommendations to help parents and teachers navigate when to introduce the book. ⁠

#holocaustrememberance #holocausthistory #holocaustsurvivor #holocaustremembranceday #holocaustmemorial #antisemitism #worldwar2 #holocausteducation

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✨ Let your kids dream big! ✨⁠

Little kids deserve big dreams too! A vision board can help!⁠

Vision Boards Help ⁠
✨ Allow your children to make their decisions and express to you desires potentially unknown⁠

✨Encourages them to take risks and dream big⁠

✨ Allows you to have an open dialogue with your kids to help foster questions like "What inspires you?" "What words are standing out?" "What makes you happy?" ⁠

This year might be the year we finally find a new normal, let your kids have big dreams for this year. ⁠

#visionboard #kidsvisionboards #mindfulness #mindfulkids #kidswhojournal #dreambigger #montessori #empoweringkids #parentinghacks #parenting101 #modernparenting #kidsarethefuture

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✨ We want to highlight your favorite cultural holidays this year!✨ ⁠

Although we are a BIPOC-owned business, it does not mean we have access to celebrating each cultural holiday in an authentic way. ⁠

We want to give our In KidZ families the chance to educate our followers on holidays that you celebrate together at home! ⁠

Simply DM our Instagram if you would like to submit a family photo or video for the upcoming holiday and we will do our best to get them all up! ⁠

The more culture we represent, the more learning about diversity we can do together! Your culture MATTERS to us! ⁠

#cultureinternational #diversity #heritage #multicultural #buildingculture #culturalhub #tradition #inclusionmatters #diversityisbeautiful #representationmatters #representation

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