Vision: In KidZ is creating a home where all aspects of mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging (DEIAB) in sports reside.

 As we sharpen our understanding of what kids need to be successful, we have to bring that learning into youth sports because of how influential sports are on kids' lives, especially those who are most underserved. So many of the world’s children are trying to become athletes while also experiencing issues of poverty, violence, discrimination or displacement.

For youth sports to create safe spaces they need to be physically and emotionally safe so kids will have the proper scaffolding to address what they experience inside and outside of sports.

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We also need to update youth sports leaders on the latest tools and discoveries in early childhood development so trainers and coaches will be able to mentor at the highest levels and train the most competitive athletes.

By developing the whole child and developing leaders who think holistically, we’ll avoid some of the pitfalls that have impacted sports in previous years. We’ll draw more children and families back into sports, delivering on its promise to provide the play kids need to truly thrive.

  • Dr Zee, Zabina Bhasin M.D.

    founder/CEO of In KidZ

    Board member of Concordia and the Toy Association Doctor of Medicine in Child Psychiatrist and Cornell-educated diversity and inclusion (DEI) expert

  • Brian Suskiewicz

    Co-Director and Operations Manager of In KidZ Sports

    USSF 'A' license with 12 years college coaching experience former Chief Executive at Coaches Across Continents using Purposeful Play to address the UN SDGs Masters in Education from Boston College, BA: History Honors Program

  • Dr. Chelsea Heyward

    Co-Director of In KidZ Sports

    Professor teaching the Identity, Art, and Democracy Lab at Morehouse College; and Sport, Culture, and Power through the lens of identity, representation, systemic change, and disruption at California State University Long Beach Impact strategy, player relations, and digital media. Has worked with athletes, coaches, and execs across 12 professional leagues

In Kidz Sports Services

In KidZ Sports works with a variety of clients including corporations and foundations, professional teams and leagues, youth organizations, individual donors and grantees, and more.  Contact us today for partnership opportunities

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Social Purpose Initiatives

Social Purpose Initiatives for corporations and foundations

Legacy Initiatives

Legacy Initiatives for Mega Global Sporting Events as well as for Federations, Leagues, and Professional Teams

DEIAB Consultancy

DEIAB Consultancy for all stakeholders and beneficiaries comprising Youth Sports Clubs, Schools, and Teams

Under Pressure Podcast

Under Pressure Podcast to amplify young leaders’ voices on topics they care about that impact their mental and physical well-being

Bespoke Sports and Play Curriculum

Bespoke Sports and Play Curriculum to educate on DEIAB

Sports Culture Boxes


    Physical and emotional safe spaces where children can explore and experience positive emotional, psychological, and social well-being


    Develop a supportive sports culture where all adults impacting a child’s life understand their influence and do so in a positive manner (teachers, coaches, parents, counselors, guardians, referee, staff/admin of clubs – any adult who impacts a child’s life in the sports arena)


    Empowering beyond athleticism


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