Fun Activities Kidz Enjoy In Australia

Australia is an island continent in the Southern hemisphere with rich history, beautiful landscape, and diverse culture. The customs and practices from this amazing and varied population have allowed for an assortment of games and pastimes for kids. Kids all over the world have experiences and cultures that vary, but a common denominator is that children everywhere love to play and entertain themselves. Some games are comparable, while others are unique to particular cultures. Introduce your children to time of play while they learn about some fun activities that kidz in Australia enjoy!

Bounce Eye involves marbles and at least three players! After a 12-inch circle is drawn, each player deposits two of his three marbles in the center. Each player takes a turn dropping his remaining marble over another player’s marble, trying to knock it out of the circle. When a marble is displaced, it becomes the property of the individual responsible. Turns are taken until all the marbles are outside the circle. The player who accumulates the most marbles is the winner.

Make memories as you teach your kids about Egg and Spoon Races! This very popular among kidz in Australia is an undervalued game. Providing wonderful entertainment, this game is closely observed to decide a winner. Race each other with an egg balanced on a teeny tiny spoon to find out the winner.

A fun and sweet activity in Australia your child is sure to love involves biting the Arnotts Biscuit into Aussie Shape. This is a fun one for the little kids to nibble their way through an Arnotts milk arrowroot biscuit until they think it resembles the Australian flag. The closest one wins!

Australians love nothing more than outdoor family fun. Backyard cricket brings together young and old under the sun while having fun. It can be played just about anywhere, you just need a bat and a ball. But don’t forget the wickets! This is where you can get creative. A wicket can really be anything at hand, from a chair to a trash can. Backyard cricket is one of the great Aussie sports.

Down Down Down involves the tossing of a tennis ball between two players. Players begin tossing the ball back and forth from a standing position. If a player drops the ball, they must go to one knee. If he drops it again he goes to both knees, then to an elbow, to two elbows, and eventually ends up on his chin.

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