Fun Things To Do In Turkey With KidZ

There is so much to learn and see for your family when experiencing the amazing country of Turkey. There are plenty of entertaining and educational theme parks, museums, aquariums and charming attractions the country has to offer. Enjoy the sights and sounds while you explore the rich history of Turkey with your kidz!

  1. Admire aquatic species when you visit the Istanbul Aquarium! The Istanbul Aquarium is the world’s largest thematic aquarium. Discover a variety of fish species and activities in their underwater world. It hosts Europe’s largest shark collection as well as a sea turtle hospital and jellyfish exhibit.
  2. Experience a miniature Turkish adventure at Miniaturk! The Miniaturk is one of the world’s largest open-air miniature parks. It has attractions and iconic places from all over Turkey displayed as pieces of artwork in a shrunken-down size for children to explore. The perfect opportunity for your kidz to learn while having fun!
  3. Kidz are sure to enjoy Turkey’s grand amusement park Vialand! Filled with many different activities for all ages, Vialand is Turkey’s first and largest amusement park. Families visiting Istanbul can enjoy thrilling rides like the Nefeskesen roller coaster on Vialand’s massive grounds. Rides and roller coasters make this place the ideal kid-friendly destination!
  4. What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?! Jurassic Land is among the most popular theme parks in Turkey, which reanimates the extinct dinosaurs. Experience life-like models, 4D cinemas, interactive displays, workshops and fun activities. Jurassic Land is a great experience and one of the best places for kids in Turkey!
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