Games that Kidz Play in Jamaica

Games that Kidz Play in Jamaica

The games played by children in Jamaica is a mix of some good old-fashioned games with some unique innovations that make them Jamaican. The names of some may be different but they are similar to games played around the world. Try playing these new and fun games that kidz in Jamaica enjoy!

Dandy Shandy is a ball game consisting of 3 players. This game must be played outdoors in a wide open area, preferably on a grass field. There are 2 pitchers, each standing on either end and the 3rd player is standing in the middle. A ball is used for throwing at the player standing in the middle. The “ball” is usually a stuffed 1-pint juice box, stuffed fully with newspaper and the four corners are rounded off.

Handball is a game that is similar to US baseball but hands are used in place of a bat. The game is played with any number of players and one pitcher. The ball is usually a newspaper stuffed 1-pint juice rounded off at the four corners. The bases are any
immovable object, such as trees, buildings, a rock on the ground or just a visibly marked
spot on the ground. Handball is a team game as the batters are all on one team and the
pitcher and his infielders are the other team.

Bull Inna Pen is a rough but super exciting game, much loved by every child in Jamaica. This game is based around a story of a mother hen and her chicken, a bull in the pen and a hawk. The mother hen is protecting her chicks who are tightly lined up behind her, each little chick clutching tightly onto each other and in step with every move that mother hen does. The Bull is standing a couple feet in front of mother hen making noise, and trying everything to reach behind Mother Hen to grab one of her precious chicks.

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