The Importance of Teaching Black History

Black History focuses on the noteworthy contributions that African Americans have made throughout history both in the past and the present. It is important that students learn and celebrate the valuable achievements that African Americans have always made to society in the United States. Black history is American history, and it should be taught throughout the year and not confined to only one month. The conversations and lessons surrounding Black History should be seamlessly integrated into our everyday curriculum and highlighted all year long.

It is necessary that students learn throughout all disciplines about the accomplishments, experiences, and perspectives of Black people. Teaching students about these impactful topics is educating and influencing our generations to come, to foster respect and appreciation for all African Americans currently living in the United States. Black history teaches both students and their parents about the influential history makers that paved the way in education, science, art, law and medicine, and much more. America is a melting pot of 50,000 cultures, and if we don’t teach the next generation about all the cultures of the world—including the people who have built our country—then we will not be giving them the full knowledge they deserve.

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