What Kidz In India Do For Fun

It’s no surprise that kidz love to have fun and play games, and the children in India would also agree! Kidz in India have fun in various ways including both outside games and board games. We all know that getting outdoors and having fun with family and friends is always a good time. Here are some of the ways that Indian kids like to have fun!

In India, one of the most popular sports is cricket. Cricket is similar to baseball and played between two teams of 11 players each. The goal of the game is to get more runs than the opposing team. Cricket has become the unofficial national sport and the children in India love playing it. You can always find a group of enthusiastic cricket lovers in India playing cricket at a nearby park.

Children in India also enjoy board games as a source of entertainment, and the ancient Indian game known as Pachisi is well loved. Pachisi was invented in India around 500 BC from the Hindi word pachis, which means twenty-five, or the highest score that can be thrown. It involves two to four players who strategise their pawn’s moves on a piece of cloth designed in the shape of a symmetrical cross to win the game.

Another fun childhood game played in India amongst kidz is Kancha. This game is also referred to as Golli, Marbles, Goti, and Lakhoti. The game involves the use of round glass marbles or kanchas where the objective is to collect the maximum number of marbles by striking the chosen kancha with another one. The winner takes home all the marbles of the other players.

A fun outdoor game that resembles basketball and cricket that kidz in India play is called Gilli Danda. This game requires two sticks of the same size, and the smaller stick is called the Gilli and the longer one which is used to strike the Gilli is called the Danda. The objective of the game is to flip the Gilli into the air with the Danda. The player also needs to run to touch a pre-decided point before the opponent can lay his hands on the Gilli.

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