Why Our Boxes Are Different

Create a bond that lasts forever with help from In Kidz. Our goal is to teach kids about countries and their cultures with our educational subscription Culture Boxes. We encourage you to experience this box with your loved ones, while learning together and simultaneously bridging the gap between yourself and a new, unfamiliar culture. Spark your child’s curiosity as they discover more about different cultures and regions of the world.

Our Culture Boxes provide informational and interactive tools and toys, as well as a very special culture gift designed to open your children’s eyes to cultural diversity. We want to inspire your children with all kinds of fun things and activities including a double sided coloring sheet that they can share with their friends and family. Every Culture Box is inspired by a mom from that country with their built in feedback to further enhance the teaching experience. With every purchase of a Culture Box, we are giving back so that everyone can have an opportunity to join us in the In Kidz movement. We love celebrating the uniqueness every culture brings to this world. Join the In Kidz movement and together we can help build a better world by creating connections through culture. Go to www.inkidzco.com to subscribe and order your Culture Box and start making memories while educating in a fun way.

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