Sesame Street

Sesame Street and In KidZ have teamed up to design a special culinary learning opportunity for kids!

Cooking in their own kitchens with recipes that are likely to please their palates will be fun for little chefs. One recipe and one mouthful at a time, parents can take their young chef on a voyage around the globe!

The universal language of connection and comfort is food. Every culture has its own distinct methods for preparing, serving, and sharing food. As a result, because some children don't know what others like to eat at home, food diversity has also been a cause of bullying among children in schools. Due to the way her food smelled, Dr. Zee, a child psychiatrist and the Founder of In KidZ, encountered her first instances of cultural bullying at school. Giving young children the chance to learn about many cultures and cooking techniques is a simple approach to change this dynamic.