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France Resources


Visit this kid-friendly website for some Fun Facts about France.


Do you like playing games? Why not learn some traditional French games? Invite some friends and have some fun!


Click on this link to learn more about the French flag. Why are the colors red, white, and blue?


Learn about the famous artist Claude Monet, an artist featured in our box!

Jamaica Resources


Find out the National Animal of Jamaica. I will give you a clue: It flies!


Ever wonder how and why a country flag came to be? Why not start with Jamaica? They had to add a third color to distinguish from another country. Mhmm, I wonder what color?


Before traveling to Jamaica you need to do some research. This website gives you plenty of information about the people, economy, famous dishes and many more.


Quick grab your kites! Learn about the kite festival that takes place around Easter.

Australia Resources


Want to know more about Australia? Take a closer look and learn about Australia National Symbols such as the flag or the national anthem! How cool is that!


Kangaroos and Koala are not the only ones that live in Australia. Who knows you might see them when you travel to Australia!


How did Australia become a continent? This kid friendly website takes you back to colonized years and how they slowly became an independent country.


Do you want to learn what games kids in Australia play? Well this is your chance. This website describes the top 10 games played in Australia on Australia Day!

America Box: Black history box Edition

African American History and Heritage is deeply rooted to shape the American of today. Please use this brief resource list to further your understanding of African American culture.

This website tells a linear history of African Americans, the suffrage movement, and the civil rights movement. Filled with a wealth of information, this website is geared towards older students.


Take a virtual tour of Louisiana! Walk the streets where jazz was born. Learn about America's first black governor. Hear how enslaved blacks fled the plantations to fight for the Union army. And how one man's refusal to move from his seat on a train led to a long struggle against segregation and the eventual triumph of the Civil Rights movement. It all happened right here, in a place like no other. Louisiana.


For those that love to read, this website is a great resource for books! Separated into levels, finding a perfect one for the family is easy.


Still want more books? These are New York Public Library’s top 10 children’s books to celebrate Black History Month


Some yummy recipes and favorite flavors to entice your taste buds!

Protection Box Resources

Websites about Turkey


Easy to read and understand website about Turkey. Kid friendly website.


Just the basic facts. With a “duck” theme, this page is fun to look at.


Thoroughly describes the history of the “evil eye”. While very profound, this website is geared towards the older child.


Information from the Turkish Cultural Foundation about textiles. Describes the history of textiles, and the role they play in the turkish economy.


Turkey’s most read author, Elif Shafak, describes Istanbul as ‘a she-city with a female personality’. She chooses five books on Turkey, including a biography of the she-city in all its vibrant energy and intensity. This list is for young adults.

Bond Box Resources

Websites about India

Wondering what to do about Halloween?

Download our “Culture (& Candy) behind the Costumes” guide to understanding the cultural significance between this year’s popular costumes; Mulan, Moana, Black Panther, Mira, and more.


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