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Nowruz Large Kit

Nowruz Large Kit

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Celebrate Nowruz with this kit, including items to learn about the Persian New Year: A Nowruz activity book filled with crafts and activities that are done during the celebration.

Contents of the kit

  • Activity Book with stickers
  • Memory Match Game
  • Puzzle
  • Backgammon
  • Chalk and instruction card for Gusheh-Gusheh
  • Thank you card set
  • Persian Tablecloth
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Nowruz, Persian New Year, is a celebration of spring when everything starts anew. This occasion is celebrated all over the world.

One of the essential parts of this celebration is setting the unique table known as Haft Seen, or the “Seven S” table. Each of the items holds significance in bringing prosperity to the New Year. The celebration continues for the next 12 days with many visits from friends and family. May the New Year bring love and light!

Aideh Shomah Mubarak!